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Peter Michalski - stop K (Guest)

8 Fairway Court, Horseshoe Valley / Tel: (705) 309-8919

Artists Website:

GPS: N 44° 33.078 - W 79° 39.531

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.551304, -79.658861

Beginning at the Ontario College of Art and Design, Peter Michalski has been creating unique designs in clay since 1998.  New for this year’s tour, Peter has been growing his Woodland Creatures Collection, who have spawned into a series of individual, hand carved mugs. His work has also continued to grow, literally, as his "cracked" vessels are some of the biggest works Peter has ever crafted! His Ikebana Vases have evolved again, with new textures and designs, creating simple, beautiful, unique vases unlike any others. And lastly, inspired by Isobel “The Mad Knitter”, this is Peter’s first year crafting the ultimate yarn bowl!
In addition to these newer items, Peter continues to create and refine a wide variety of functional, unique pottery. From tea pots, cups, and mugs, to large bowls, and fabulous serving trays, there is a large selection of hand crafted, truly one of a kind items to find here!

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