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Patti Agapi - stop C (Guest)

1932 Marchmont Rd, Marchmont / Tel: (705) 331-2836

Artists Website:

GPS:N 44° 37.937, W 79° 30.660

GPS Decimal (Google) 44.632283, 79.511002

Working with paint and collage elements, Patti Agapi creates deeply layered and textured abstract, mixed media paintings. Ever evolving in her artistic journey, she finds immense joy in the creative process. Her work explores themes of memory, shadow and transformation. Each of Patti’s works is a unique microcosm; an intimate and intricate journey, a process of building up, erasing, fermenting and finally fruition. 
She lives in Orillia, Ontario where she is actively involved in the local arts community as a working artist and volunteer. She also shares her creative process and in-progress works regularly on social media. Her Facebook page is a great place to ‘meet’ her and experience her daily art activities. Patti is primarily a self-taught artist, loving art and the artistic process from a young age. Between catering to two teenage boys, she obsessively works on her art.  Visit Patti’s website for upcoming events and exhibitions.

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